A new mural depicting a star being chiselled off the EU Flag is confirmed to be the artwork of Banksy. The image is based near Dover’s ferry terminal and is said to be the latest of his political pieces in relation to the UK preparing to leave the EU. Symbolic in nature, this painting has appeared at quite an interesting time as Britain prepares for a snap general election also.

Looking at how the workman is chiselling the star, it shows cracks forming within the flag of the EU, spilling onto other stars. We ask ourselves whether this is a statement from Banksy telling us this is the start of the EU breaking up?

We doubt this will be the last Banksy piece  in regards to the Brexit as the 2 year journey starts full of negotiations ahead. Banksy is said to be quite a controversial and mysterious artist, does this hint to us how Banksy voted in the referendum? As the nation moves into a transition, we will keep an eye out for more Banksy art.

pic of Banksy