Kota Yamaji – Digital Art

All the artwork designed by Kota Yamaji, a digital artist from Tokyo, Japan with a Bachelor of graphic design from the Tama Art University,Tokyo (2011-2015) These visuals caught our attention, designed with Maxon Cinema, 4DPixologic and Zbrush. You can enjoy the rest of Kota Yamaji’s portfolio on Behance.  

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Geometric Paper Art – 100% paper by Ryan Filipski

Ryan Filipski from Texas USA, explores three-dimensional geometric forms using cardstock paper. Filipski’s work brings a refreshed appreciation for contemporary design. He takes away the boundaries and obstructions that geometric shapes normally bring and proves that there can be great flexibility still in creating this way. He describes his work: Inspired by geometry and angular structure…

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Water by Olivia Weiss

Olivia Weiss from Vienna, Austria created this beautiful work of Art and named it “Water”. What we found interesting about this image was that it invites the viewer in to wonder why this female is drinking water in this way? What has happened and is she ok?! Whilst speaking to Contempo.Graphics Olivia explained: The woman…

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Migration – Mark Fleming

Mark Fleming creates these graphic images with changes in animal habitats in mind. He talks of how the world is ever changing and thus “The Urban wildlife” around us also have adapted and changed their natural habits also.      Mark explained his artwork : The natural evolutionary progression of humans has led to disturbances…

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