Curious about the new 3Doodler pen, we were curious to know more about it. We’ve been seeing pictures of works of art done with the pen so there’s no doubt about whether it’s something graphic designers and creatives can use.

After the success of the original pen, the 2.0 version and most recently, the 3Doodler Create, has continued the evolution of the 3D printing pen, making the process smoother, more reliable, and making the design of the pen itself sleeker, smaller and simpler, in their aim to make 3D printing easier and accessible to all.

Talking to Contempo.Graphics the team expressed their thoughts


The 3Doodler pens have been more popular than the team could ever have imagined!

The original 3Doodler attracted over 26,000 backers when it first launched on Kickstarter in 2013.

In 2014, 3Doodler launched their 2.0 version, which has since gone on to retail in over 40 countries, be shipped to over 180 countries, and has sold over 250,000 units.

When asked how it will change the way artists work?

3Doodler gives artists the ability to sketch out 3D objects quickly and easily. There’s no software or computers needed. Shapes and designs can be tested in minutes. At the same time the 3Doodler could become a part of mixed media pieces due to the range of plastics and textures , and the team have seen 3Doodling become a dedicated art-form in itself, with artists creating some amazing, beautiful and technical pieces.

The original 3Doodler came about one day after Peter Dilworth, one of the co-founders, noticed a small error whilst he was 3D printing a piece. Rather than start again, Peter and Max Bogue, another co-inventor, thought, “if only there was a way to just pick up the extruder head and fill in the gap by hand”. After that eureka moment, and several prototypes later, the 3Doodler was born.

You can order a 3Doodler Create, as well as a range of plastics in over 65 colors, with materials as varied as matte, glossy, clear, metallic, sparkle and glow at

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