A huge portrait of the artist, David Hockney, was revealed by artist Marcus Levine which has been installed on the side of a building in Little Germany in Bradford, UK; the work took the Bingley based artist over a year to complete.

Marcus Levine said: “When we were first talking about this piece of art 18 months ago we never realised the journey it was going to take. We decided to do David Hockney, as with it being his 80th birthday we thought it would be brilliant for Bradford. This piece is for Bradford, and to hopefully encourage and grow tourism in Little Germany.”

Hockney - a portrait in Nails by Marcus Levine - picture by Guzelian

Hockney – a portrait in Nails by Marcus Levine – picture by Guzelian

The sculpture itself is 12 ft wide and 16 ft high and made up of 250,000 nails that make up the portrait of the much loved artist. The nails were hammered into a lacquered base of marine plywood before being fitted on to the wall.

The artwork costed £42,000 which was contributed by Arts Council England, Freeman Grattan Holdings and timber suppliers and merchant, Arnold Laver. The portrait was commissioned by Little Germany Action Group, which is a not-for-profit organisation which is made up of local residents and businesses who strive to improve the local area to revive, regenerate and to ensure it’s sustainability. The Broadway Shopping Centre and Bradford council also helped with the project.

David West, chair of Little Germany Action, said: “Art is an important part of urban re-generation. If you have interesting, quirky art features they will attract people to the area. People notice it and start to wonder what is next for the area. It is great we have a world first piece of art here in Bradford. We hope people come to see this really incredible piece of art.”