Extraordinary Latte CreamArt – How do you like your coffee?

A coffee shop in Seoul, South Korea is gaining attention as a Barista by the name of Lee Kang-bin makes astonishing latte art he calls “creamart”. While it only takes a moment on the lips to shift these intricately drawn latte art cups, Lee carefully paints these using delicate soft brushes.   “The customer gives…

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For Freedoms. Make America Great Again. 2016. Billboard. Photo: Wyatt Gallery

Lecture/Panel Art and Practice with For Freedoms

Art and Practice is a series of discussion-based seminars in which emerging and experienced artists can discuss challenges and possibilities in the field. Following each session, refreshments will be served from 8:00 to 8:30 p.m. Artist Eric Gottesman and art historian Michelle Woo, both members of the artist-run initiative For Freedoms, will host an open…

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Kota Yamaji – Digital Art

All the artwork designed by Kota Yamaji, a digital artist from Tokyo, Japan with a Bachelor of graphic design from the Tama Art University,Tokyo (2011-2015) These visuals caught our attention, designed with Maxon Cinema, 4DPixologic and Zbrush. You can enjoy the rest of Kota Yamaji’s portfolio on Behance.  

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To be Human

Featuring mid-20th-century portraits from our permanent collection, this exhibition explores what it is to be human. Throughout history, artists have painted portraits to capture a likeness, often idealising the appearance of the sitter – this was particularly the case when the sitter also commissioned the portrait. However, as this collection of paintings demonstrates, capturing the…

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