Shiny Creatures by Graza

What wonderful execution of these quirky characters named The Shiny Gang/The Shiny Creatures. Designed by “Graza”, from Lima in Peru. The tools he used were Maxon Cinema 4D, Keyshot, Pixologic Zbrush and Wacom Intuos. Sketches of the characters in play before modelling them. All the characters show their own quirky personality which warms the viewers to these shiny…

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Geometric Paper Art – 100% paper by Ryan Filipski

Ryan Filipski from Texas USA, explores three-dimensional geometric forms using cardstock paper. Filipski’s work brings a refreshed appreciation for contemporary design. He takes away the boundaries and obstructions that geometric shapes normally bring and proves that there can be great flexibility still in creating this way. He describes his work: Inspired by geometry and angular structure…

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Water by Olivia Weiss

Olivia Weiss from Vienna, Austria created this beautiful work of Art and named it “Water”. What we found interesting about this image was that it invites the viewer in to wonder why this female is drinking water in this way? What has happened and is she ok?! Whilst speaking to Contempo.Graphics Olivia explained: The woman…

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Kaos Temple

Okuda San Miguel Erice – Amazing Art – Pop Surrealism

When does an artist feel most free? For this artist, it was when he was high painting the ceiling of a church with his headphones on, enveloped by his creativity. When you see art constructed from carefully placed colourful geometric shapes, one name springs to mind, Okuda San Miguel Erice. Born on November 19th 1980,…

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