The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new logo, designed by Wolff Olins.(Photo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

The controversial new logo for the Metropolitan Art Museum was launched recently with a surge of comments and opinions about the logo.  The art museum have chosen their new brand to be of a red serif font and referring to themselves as just “The Met”. Due to the backlash in opinions the Met did release a statement in which they said :

“Throughout its 146-year history, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has evolved to meet the needs of its audience,”

The new logo no longer relies on symbols and, instead, is based on the commonly used name ‘The Met,’ which has an immediacy that speaks to all audiences,” the museum explained. “It is an original drawing, a hybrid that combines and connects serif and sans serif, classical and modern letter forms. In this respect, it reflects the scope of the Museum’s collection and the connections that exist within it.

People have took to social media to express their feelings towards the new red logo. There has been mixed reaction with some loving the logo and some calling it a “bus crash”.

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