This West Side Story poster is one of the most iconic Film Posters created by American graphic designer Saul Bass.  He once described his main goal for his work saying, ‘’try to reach for a simple, visual phrase that tells you what the picture is all about and evokes the essence of the story”. Another philosophy that Bass described as influencing his title sequences was the goal of getting the audience to see familiar parts of their world in an unfamiliar way. Examples of this or what he described as “making the ordinary extraordinary”.


28 week later

This 28 weeks later poster has captured us with the bold colours and striking images. The brand itself was already a recognisable one as it was the follow up from 28 days later, however this poster held it’s own and we loved it!




Saul Bass (1920-1996) was one of the most admired and prolific designers of all time. He was known within the film industry and designed numerous other film posters too.



The design for Blade Runner has a very distinct early on sci-fi feel with this fantastic artwork. This did go on to become one of the most iconic posters in the film industry.



A movie of an era, the poster is quite contemporary in nature. Simple yet effective design with an impact. The blood red font from the title just a hint of what’s to come.



Highly emphasising everything wonderful about this movie without disclosing it. The branding, marketing and merchandising for the Kill Bill brand was phenomenal, this poster with its bold design really is fearless.


The sexy red dress, passion kiss and seducing night sky says ooh la la. The typography in this poster was a pure joy  to see, one of the most successful films of Nicole Kidman’s, this poster does justice.


ADVENTURE! MYSTERY! DANGER! The design of this poster captures the essence and the nature of the characters. The font went on to be recognised and associated with the movie title and brand and became a venture.



Rocky Brand is still going after decades, this poster wants to tell you a story of a Boxer and his journey. The image of Sylvester Stallone AKA Rocky, really does invite you in to listen.


Scar Face, what a classic! The design quite Art Deco, the font used for the starring actors only compliments the design.


Red eyes, perhaps depicting a wolf? The red font with the black backdrop tells you to expect a bit of gore.


One of the most memorable poster designs, thought out compositions and colours.






Contemporary designs are not normal for a horror movie, however The Babadook .