Some would wonder why World Emoji Day would be set for the 17th of July, the reason seems befitting, it was the date that sits on the emoji calendar, the very first World Emoji Day was on the 17/07/14 .



Some of the UK’s most popular emoji are the crying with laughter and hearts.


Paintings like the Great Wave had the honour of having their very own emoji! 🌊



However, over the years, as more and more of us have communicated over the internet MSN Messenger emoji’s became an integral part of having a conversation. Not only were they known for the icons but we grew to love the shortcuts too, over time many of which had changed :$ .



The standards had changed as we grew accustomed to the new, even more expressive emoji’s of the modern world, a new era, a new emoji!



Causes and Movements like PRIDE were represented with their own emoji that many were happy to see!

pride emoji

According to Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge, the three emoji’s most requested were of a bearded man, a woman wearing a hijab and a giraffe.

Around 70 New Emojis were approved last month in which the Scottish, English and Welsh flags are also present.


A 15- year-old, female student from Berlin, Germany named Rayouf Alhumedhi was the one to propose the emoji of “Person With Headscarf”, she had¬†received backing from the co-founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian.

Other new ones include a Giraffe, a women breastfeeding, mermaid & mermen aswell as plenty of others random icons many will appreciate.

Let us know what your favourite one is!